• Increase ankle mobility

Targeted Muscles

  • Calf Musculature

How to Perform

1Begin facing a wall.
2Bring the toes of your right foot up on to the wall and the heel on the floor.
3Ensuring you maintain a soft but straight right leg, move your body up and over the right heel to feel a deep stretch of the calf muscle.
4Repeat on the other side.

Alternative Exercise Suggestions for Patients with an ICD

1No Restrictions

Common Challenges

  • This stretch is challenging without foot ware as the toes may bend and become uncomfortable, while decreasing the stretch at the ankle. Try the stretch in running shoes.
  • Ensure your heel is close enough to the wall to encourage an optimal calf stretch.

Load Sets Reps Tempo Rest
n/a 1 1 Hold 45 sec each leg n/a

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