• Strengthens lateral hip stabilizer musculature.
  • Strengthens shoulders and arms.

Targeted Muscles

  • Inner and Outer Hip Musculature
  • Shoulder stabilizer muscles and biceps

How to Perform

1Begin by standing with your feet hip width apart.
2Loop the band underneath your feet at the ball of the foot level.
3Cross the band and grip it with straight wrists.
4Draw your shoulders blades down and slightly together.
5Secure your elbows to the side of your body. Bend them at the elbow to bring the lower arm parelle to the floor.
6Keep the upper body stabilized as you slowly take your right foot out and into a side step that is greater than hip width apart.
7Slowly lift your left foot and bring it back to hip width.
8Repeat 10x’s one way, then work your way back for 10.

Common Challenges

  • If the knees bend too much you can loose the targeted lateral hip activation. Ensure you keep the knees soft, yet straight, moving laterally from the hips.
  • It’s also easy to loose shoulder and arm stability. Ensure the elbows stay firmly placed at the side body.

Load Sets Reps Tempo Rest
Easy to Difficult Band Resistance 2 10 Walk Out: 10 Walk Back Slowly 45 sec to 1 min depending on exercise response.

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