• Release Hamstrings (back of legs)

Targeted Muscles

  • Hamstring Musculature
  • Calf Musculature

How to Perform

1Begin by facing an elevated surface. (Best to start with a stair if you find yourself tight, then move to a chair).
2Bring one foot to rest on the elevated surface. Be mindful to keep both feet and hips forward and aligned.
3Inhale, lengthen your spine towards the ceiling, Exhale bend forward from your hip (not your back). Hold
4Inhale and as you exhale fold forward.
5Lastly and only if feeling open, as you exhale, pull the elevated toes towards your nose.

Alternative Exercise Suggestions for Patients with an ICD

1No Restriction

Common Challenges

  • It’s easy to bend from your low back, making the stretch ineffective. Ensure your back is straight while bending from the hip. It’s helpful to feel for your seat bones and think of them moving back behind you.

Load Sets Reps Tempo Rest
n/a 1 1 Hold 45 sec on each leg n/a

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