• Progression from Hip Extension 1.
  • Increase Core, Hip, Knee and Ankle Stabilization.
  • Further development of foundational muscles to help you progress towards the Lunge and Squat Exercises.

Targeted Muscles

  • Deep Core Abdominal Musculature
  • Para Spinal Musculature
  • Adductor and Abductor Musculature
  • Back of Leg and Hip Musculature

How to Perform

1Lying face up with arms out to the side, knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
2Draw your belly gently in towards the spine and slowly lift hips from floor.
3Come to rest on your shoulders with your head in a neutral position.
4Lift one leg towards the chest, balancing on the other leg.
5Ensure you can maintain your hips even with the floor.
6Hold and don’t forget to breathe.

Alternative Exercise Suggestions for Patients with an ICD

1No Restrictions

Common Challenges

  • Due to weak glute activation or tightness in quads (front leg muscles) or hip flexors, the hips may not lift to optimal height. Use the Hip Opener Stretch and then try the exercise again.
  • It's easy to hold this exercise with the hamstring (back of leg) muscles while forgetting to activate the glute (back of hip) muscles. If you don't feel those muscles firing, try tapping them to activate them.
  • Lastly, it's common to over arch the low the back. Ensure you keep a neutral spine.

Load Sets Reps Tempo Rest
One knee in towards chest 2 1 on each side Hold 10 sec, working up to 30 sec 45 sec

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