• Release tightness down the outside of the leg, from hip to knee.
  • Releasing front and back of hip.

Targeted Muscles

  • Front and Back of Hip Musculature
  • I.T Band (Side of leg) Connections

How to Perform

1Begin by placing a roller under your right hip.
2Using your arms and left leg to help you, drag your lower leg along the roller.
3Repeat 4 to 5x’s
4Then proceed to roll over the muscles in the front of your hip and then the back of the hip 4 to 5x’s.
5Repeat on other leg.

Alternative Exercise Suggestions for Patients with an ICD

1Be mindful to place arms at shoulder level or below when rolling.

Common Challenges

  • It’s easy to over recruit your neck and shoulders while trying to roll over your hips and side leg. Ensure your shoulders are away from your ears while rolling forward and back. It also helps to use the top leg to reduce the load on the upper body.
  • Too much pressure and lack of breathing can inhibit the release. Ensure you are breathing and using a softened pressure.

Load Sets Reps Tempo Rest
n/a 1 5 side leg: 5 front hip: 5 back hip Slowly n/a

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