• Progession from Swiss Ball Side Bend 1.
  • Improve core stability and strength.
  • Encourage healthy side bending.

Targeted Muscles

  • Deep Abdominal Musculature
  • Waist Musculature
  • Inner and Outer Hip and Leg Musculature

How to Perform

1Begin by placing the ball under your hips with your bottom leg forward and back leg back (lunge position) to encourage stability.
2Cross your arms across your chest.
3Draw the belly in while maintaining good posture and head facing forward.
4Exhale and slowly lower over the ball towards the floor. Cup the ball with your body.
5Inhale and engage the waist as you gently push your feet into the wall to lift yourself back to the start position.
6Hold and repeat.

Common Challenges

  • Stability may be a challenge. If so, start the exercise over the ball with your hand on the floor to gain stability. Ensure your feet are hip width apart and feet pushed into the wall. Most importantly, charge the core by maintaining the belly button in through out the exercise.
  • It is also common for individuals to rotate the body towards the ceiling or down towards the floor. To avoid this, pretend like you are in between two panes of glass. One in front of you, the other behind. It may also help to look at your hips when starting to ensure they are aligned.

Load Sets Reps Tempo Rest
Arms across chest 2-3 10 2 Lower: 2 Rise: 1 Hold 45 sec to 1 min depending on exercise response

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