• Ankle, knee, hip and core stability.
  • Improved spinal alignment and posture.

Targeted Muscles

  • Inner and outer hip and leg muscles
  • Deep abdominal core stabilizer muscles

How to Perform

1Stand with feet together while breathing deeply.
2Step firmly down into your left foot and leg. This helps to engage the leg and hip musculature for support.
3Draw your belly in towards the spine.
4Gently lift you right foot either on to the ankle with the toe on the floor, below the knee and then eventually with arms raised over the head (See pictures for progressions)
5Externally rotate your right knee laterally and open up across the hips. Ensure you don’t twist the hips out of alignment.
6Hold as you breath 6’xs. Each inhale acts to lengthens the spine, Each exhale, push the foot into the floor to further engage your stabilizer muscles.

Common Challenges

  • This yoga pose can be challenging due to lack of stability in the ankle, knee, hip or core. Start with the toe down then work your way up the progressions as stability improves.
  • Hips can swing out on the standing leg side. Using a mirror initially can be helpful to ensure the hips stay even with the floor and balanced.

Load Sets Reps Tempo Rest
6 Breaths on each leg.

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