• Aids in spine and hip mobility and alignment.

Targeted Muscles

  • Chest
  • Upper, Mid and Low Back
  • Inner and Outer Hip musculature.

How to Perform

1Standing with legs wider than hip width apart and hands on hips.
2Turn left foot and leg 90 degrees out from forward. Ensure knees are straight but soft.
3Inhale extend arms out to shoulder level.
4Exhale engage core as you reach your left hand to the left as you move the body through the waist to the left. Legs stay stable.
5Inhale, bring your left hand down on to the shin or above the knee, while rotating the right arm straight towards the ceiling.
6Hold for 3 breaths.
7Slowly using your core muscles and pushing the feet into the floor come back to centre.
8Repeat on the other side.

Common Challenges

  • May want to avoid if you have any back pain or pathologies.
  • Common challenges can arise if core muscles and legs are not engaged slightly to stabilize the body.

Load Sets Reps Tempo Rest
1 1 Hold for 3 Breaths n/a

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