• Progression from Belly Breathing Over Roller.
  • Improve upper back mobility to encourage optimal postural alignment.
  • Stretches chest musculature.

Targeted Muscles

  • Pectoral Musculature
  • Para Spinal Musculature
  • Diaphragm
  • Intercostal (rib cage) Muscles

How to Perform

1Begin over the foam roller, facing up. Place the foam roller at shoulder blade level.
2Cup your head in your hands to ensure the back of your neck stays long.
3Exhale curl up into a crunch while bringing elbows in.
4As you inhale, move slowly back over the roller, extending your upper back.
5Hold 5 secs.
6Exhale and curl back up into a crunch for a few seconds. Once again Inhale and move back into the stretch.

Alternative Exercise Suggestions for Patients with an ICD

1Avoid this Exercise. As an alternative, try Deep Breathing Over Roller from the Intermediate Program.

Common Challenges

  • As mentioned in the instructions it’s important to pay particular attention to the position of the head. If the chin is up and back, it can pinch the cervical vertebrae. Ensure the head is properly supported with the hands.
  • It’s easy to move quickly with this mobilization. Take your time and ensure to work through the progressions mentioned in the “Tempo” portion of this exercise description.
  • Also, this mobilization can be a little uncomfortable however if painful, stop and go back to the Bely Breathing Over the Foam Roller exercise in the Intermediate program. Or consult with an exercise professional.

Load Sets Reps Tempo Rest
n/a 1 5 Exhale and extend your back over the roller for 5 counts: Inhale, crunch up for 2 counts. Move with Breath. Progress by holding the stretch in extension for 45 sec. for 1 repetition n/a

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