HCM Cardiovascular Exercise Suggestions:

Avoid recreational (competitive or non-competitive) or other exercise that is intense and requires short bursts of exertion or are played for extended periods of time.
Here is a list of HCM-Friendly Cardiovascular Fitness Activities that have been recommended in the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Guidelines. They can be completed each day as suggested in your program description.

• Biking
• Modest hiking
• Tennis (doubles)
• Treadmill/stationary bicycle
• Bowling
• Brisk walking
• Golf
• Skating

Other HCM-Friendly Exercises and Lifestyle Activities:

• Meditation
• HathaYoga (avoid Hot, Advanced Astana, Vinyasa or Power Yoga of any kind)
• Tai Chi
• Gentle Pilates
• Gentle Dance Classes

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