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Best Set: Kangaroo 23pc Kids Beach Toys Set

If you want an affordably priced, diverse set of sand toys for your kids, you’ll love the Kangaroo Kids Beach Toys Set. This cool product comes with 23 items that are perfect for the beach, and it’s sure to keep younger children entertained for hours.

The set includes an impressive variety of sand toys that will make your time at the beach a blast. There are four different shovels, a watering can, a castle-shaped bucket, several castle molds, and a variety of other molds, including a fish, octopus, shell, and more. The plastic toys are all brightly colored so you don’t have to worry about losing them, and they come in a plastic carrying case.

Reviewers write that this beach toy set is an unbeatable value. Many say that their kids love playing with the sand toys, both at the beach and in the sandbox. A few note that the plastic isn’t super durable and can crack, but since the toys are so affordable, most agree they would still buy this product again.

Best for Babies: Sun Squad Jumbo Sand Dump Truck

Bringing your baby to the beach for the first time? Don’t forget to pack a kid-friendly toy like the Antsy Pants Jumbo Dump Truck! This durable, easy-to-clean toy is perfect for little kids, providing hours of entertainment while helping them build fine motor skills.

This plastic dump truck toy is bright blue and red, and it definitely qualifies as jumbo as it measures 10 x 21 x 14 inches.

Babies 18 months and older will love driving it around in the sand, collecting objects in the bucket, and then dumping them all out. Since the toy is made of plastic, you can easily rinse it off when you get home from the beach to prevent sand from getting everywhere.

Reviewers say this is a well-made, high-quality toy that young children really love to play with. While the Sun Squad Jumbo Sand Dump Truck is simple, users say it’s easy to handle and will provide hours of fun.

Best for Elementary School: Singare Large Octopus Kites

Once your kids get a little bit older, they might enjoy a more active beach toy, such as the Singare Large Octopus Kites. The whole family will love running up and down the beach flying these adorable aquatic kites—it’s the perfect activity for your next vacation.

You’ll get two octopus-shaped kites and you can choose from a few fun colors. Each kite comes with a carrying case, as well as 200 feet of line that allow you to launch the ocean critters high into the air. These beach toys are recommended for anyone over 3 years old—both kids and adults will love flying them!

Reviewers love the bright colors of these kites and say they’re easy to get up in the air as long as there’s a breeze. Users also note that these kites don’t have any poles to set up, so they can be used right out of the bag and stored easily.

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